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1978 Bell 206, SE-JER, S/N: 2491

1978 Bell 206, SE-JER, S/N: 2491

4 450 000,00 krPris

AC/TT: 10420 h



Rolls-Royce 250-C20B
High skid (Optional, Pop-Out Floats)
Particle separator
Deflector kit-engine air induction system
Engine relight system
Bleed air cabin heater
Range extender fuel system (96,7 U.S Gall.)
Rotor brake
Dual controls w/ quick disconnect
Cargo hook provision (1500 lbs=681 kg)
Bambi-bucket provision
Night scanner searchlight provision
Fire extinguisher
Crew shoulder harness
Crew and pax floor protectors
First aid kit



Artificial Horizon
Directional Gyro
Audiopanel, King KMA 24H TSO, 5-p ICS
Comm+ VHF Nav, King KX 170B TSO
Comm, Icom IC-A220
XPDR, Bendix/King, KT 76A (Mode-C)
ADF King KR-85
Clock/pitch-timer, Astro tech chronometer
ELT, Kannad ELT IESM, 406Mhz
GPS, Garmin 295


Valid until 2023-01-04



Västerås - Sweden (ESOW)


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